Def Leppard 『Retro Active』

之前在White Lion的『Big Game』这一篇中说了,当初收到的专辑还有一张📼,就是Def Leppard 1993年发行的『Retro Active』。如果说『Big Game』这张专辑是旋律优美,朗朗上口,那么『Retro Active』就是充满玄幻色彩了,那天马行空的词曲创作,大气恢弘的编曲配器,再加上Def Leppard的名气,完美专辑。但是,当时听『Retro Active』的时候,可是第一次听Def Leppard作品,还以为他们的作品都这样呢,后来陆续听了其他专辑,像什么大名鼎鼎的『Pyromania』、『Hysteria』也不如这张『Retro Active』专辑这样曲曲好听。




这些年Def Leppard也比较活跃,如果你在网上搜Def Leppard & Taylor Swift,会找到他们合唱的Live。





Retro Active is a collection of outtakes and leftovers spanning Def Leppard's entire career. Kicking off the disc, "Desert Song" and "Fractured Love" are two of its most distinctive tracks, harkening back to the band's early (pre-success) days with their rough power chords. After paying homage to some of their heroes with a set of covers (Sweet's "Action" and Mick Ronson's "Only After Dark"), the band tackles a couple of solid, but hardly groundbreaking ballads -- "Two Steps Behind" and "Miss You in a Heartbeat" -- before stretching out (with mixed results) on the folky "From the Inside." Taken from the Hysteria sessions, the classy "I Wanna Be Your Hero" is another pleasant surprise, and the band reaches all the way back to the beginning by re-recording their first demo "Ride into the Sun." Overall, this is an interesting release which marks the end of a long chapter in the band's history, following the death of guitarist and guiding force Steve Clark. While casual fans might find it confusing, Leppard fanatics will revel in its diversity and informative liner notes.







单独开辟这样一个专题,叫做『完美专辑』(Perfect Album),主要想记载一些从小到大听过的音乐(歌曲)专辑,这些专辑是那么让我喜欢,真是曲曲让我沉迷,曲曲让我拍案,曲曲个是天才之作。实际上“完美”一词确实是有待商榷,哪有那么完美的呀。但是,这些专辑确实有让人难以忘怀的地方,至少是让我难以忘怀,听着这些专辑就快乐。







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