This Is a Power Ballad-William Angio (A Song From GTA V TV Show)

这是知名游戏GTA V on line主人公的公寓里的电视节目上的一首歌。在公寓的电视里面有一档节目类似《好声音》,叫做Fame or Shame,里面有一位叫做William Angio的参赛者,演唱了这首歌This Is a Power Ballad




William Angio

William Angio is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He appears as a contestant on Fame or Shame.



Angio is an amateur singer who resembles a young Jezz Torrent (as he appeared in GTA Vice City) and even sings one of his solos. The Judges initially insult William after his performance with two of the judges voting it "Shame" but after Lazlow begs everyone to do something controversial to get ratings, Hugh Harrison votes William "fame" and the other judges follow suit despite already making their votes. Hugh then asks William to punch Lazlow, which he does twice.



Darren Ritchie

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Darren Ritchie (born 1977 in South Carolina) is an American voice actor, singer, actor and Broadway actor who appeared in TV shows such as The ½ Hour News Hour and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He provided the voice of William Angio, a contestant who appeared on Fame or Shame in Grand Theft Auto V.










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