VITO BRATTA —— White Lion乐队的终极咆哮之音

Vito Bratta (1961年出生于Staten Island, New York, United States)是以吉他手和歌曲主要创作人员的身份创建摇滚乐队White Lion的人。在1983年Bratta和主唱Mike Tramp一块创建了White Lion乐队,乐队一直经营到1992年。




Bratta的演奏风格受到70年代和80年代的Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen和另外一些摇滚乐队和blues 吉他手的影响。他的演奏风格被贴上的标签是melodic,original 和 technically accomplished。Bratta备受推崇的演奏技巧是two-handed tapping,sweep picking,pinch harmonics 和 various whammy bar techniques。






2007年2月16日,Bratta自己交出了12年前的一段采访录音。采访者是Eddie Trunk,下面是录音的一部分:Bratta的父亲一病就是5年,Bratta不得不抽出大量的时间来照顾,并且在亲情上和经济上都倾尽付出。1997年,Bratta的手腕不幸受伤,别说弹琴了,手在琴颈上上下移动都痛得要命。然而,他依然设法弹奏运动量不大的古典吉他。他澄清说,他从来没有排斥过White Lion的重组,但是由于家庭义务和手腕伤痛,他根本不可能再次加入乐队之中。

2007年4月,Bratta终于出现在纽约的L’Amour 星期六和星期日的重聚的演出当中。



尽管Vito Bratta自1992年以来就没有任何音乐作品发行,但许多音乐家,歌手和吉他手仍然在不断赞扬他从前的创作能力和演奏水平。 Zakk Wylde就曾表示,Bratta是他唯一欣赏的一个tapped playing风格吉他手。他也赞扬Bratta的独创性,并指出Bratta创作的「Wait」是他听过的最棒的吉他Solo之一。




Vito Bratta的White Lion乐队合作伙伴,主唱Mike Tramp也表示,Bratta作为吉他手和歌曲作者的技能是无与伦比的。


“Vito the guitar player and Vito the songwriter and musician, he was in a calibre all by himself. It shows in his great solos, and so many people love the way he played like Eddie with the hammer-ons and all that stuff like the Van Halen solo on “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love.” I just love the way Vito played solos on “Wait” and “Little Fighter” and some of the others. He was like Mozart.”

— Mike Tramp


Mike Tramp还提到,当他找到许多很知名的吉他手,打算重组White Lion乐队的时候,吉他手们试音之后就把吉他音量关掉了。


“We tried to do new White Lions with Warren DeMartini and Paul Gilbert and all these others, and no one wanted to do Vito. He was unlike anyone else, he had his own way of doing thing, and plus he was a great songwriter. Had he remained in the business, Vito would have been bigger than Steve Vai and all those types of guys. With him the melody came before anything else, and that’s nothing but the highest praise.”

— Mike Tramp


Guitar World杂志称赞Vito Bratta是80年代最好的20位吉他手之一:


“Vito Bratta was the most tasteful, lyrical and inventive guitarist of his generation, adding structure, style and an unerring pop sensibility to Van Halen’s oft-tapped fountain of inspiration.”

— Guitar World




Rubicon Cross乐队的吉他手Chris Green认为,Vito Bratta是第一个影响他的人。


“Vito Bratta was probably one of my first influences, the thing about him, that people just completely overlooked, is that he used to write guitar solos, he like wrote songs within songs! So, the solo was almost like a classical movement, within the track, and there are a lot of guitar players out there, I think, who could do that as well, but I think, Vito Bratta is the absolute best. It’s absolutely tragic that the guy doesn’t play anymore, and if you chat to the guys from Tyketto, they were very close to Vito. Mike, the drummer in Tyketto, was in a cover band when he was 14 years old, with Vito, and he was chatting to me on this last tour about how they had to sit backstage, because they weren’t old enough to be in the club, that they were playing in. They would play for six hours while they were waiting to go on stage! The way he crafted guitar solos, made me think extremely seriously about how to not go off topic, with a song, but to take it to another level, and somehow manage to make it come back again to make sense of where the song’s coming in. He was a huge influence.”

— Chris Green


提起硬摇滚和重金属音乐,Vito Bratta这个名字依然还会被人们铭记。他的演奏风格沉浸在复杂而细微的、有节奏的旋律上升和下降之间。人们常常喜欢把Vito与Eddie Van Halen的演奏技巧相比。如果我们说Vito Bratta的风格和技术是White Lion乐队音乐的核心组成部分,这并不夸张。


Vito Bratta的风格是双手击弦,平滑扫弦和充满韵味的Riff的独特融合,所有这些技巧都回旋在旋律之中,让听众难以忘怀。 尽管从20世纪90年代初以来,他已经完全脱离了音乐世界的光彩和魅力,但他的技术仍然被认为是独特的。 他仍然被人们称赞,他仍然有很多喜爱他和激励他的忠实听众。



“I’ve run into kids that can play ‘Wait’ better than I can, but what’s the point? Being a technician is only part of the equation, and I’m trying to study the other half–songwriting”

—Vito Bratta



“I know a lot of bands who’ll write a song and their guitar players will say I’ve got to do a lead break here, I’ve got to let rip there. It’s an ego thing. When I write, I say well, the song will sound better if I have an acoustic here or a clear sounding guitar, maybe no lead. I think it’s really annoying when a melodic song is ruined by a guitar player blasting away, it grates on my nerves.”

—Vito Bratta



“My solos aren’t about dexterity; they are about personality and composition–things that people can’t take away from you.”

—Vito Bratta



“I know [Vito Bratta] often gets compared to Eddie Van Halen, but he really isn’t like him too much. Vito’s solo on “Wait” is excellent and doesn’t sound like Eddie at all.”

—Zakk Wylde




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Vito Bratta时期White Lion的四张录音室专辑



1985 Fight to Survive

1985 Fight to Survive



1987 Pride

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1989 Big Game

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1991 Mane Attraction

1991 Mane Attraction





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